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During my studies I'm engaging in the design community at my uni and in Munich. I was head organziser of the Creative Night, student lead of the DOC Magazin, and part of the Talk12 team. While working on my bachelor thesis, I organized the first graduate exhibition since the beginning of the pandemic.

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In February 2022, an official graduate exhibition, as usual, wasn't in the making. So Susanne Luger, Christina Mooser, and I, with the support of Professor Xuyen Dam, took matters into our own hands. We started organizing and were able to get together over 100 graduates from the last five semesters who never were able to show their work. We ended up with an incredible four-day exhibition. Expecting 1000 people on the opening night, we were blown away by the 1500 people that showed up. And even after closing the doors at 2 am, people stayed and chatted until 5 am.

In 2019 and 2020, I was the head organizer of a kickoff event of Germany's most prominent design fair, the MCBW. During the so-called "Creative Night" I organized 50 speakers from all creative industries and hosted over 500 guests attended. During the evening, bands played, workshops were held, and most important of all, people connected.

The DOC. is the faculty magazine of the design faculty of the Munich University of Applied Sciences. After the supervising professor left the team, I took over the project, organized a new team, and managed to preserve what is of fundamental importance to the faculty and students: Presenting projects within and outside of the faculty, thus engaging with the broader academic and professional community. The project is now again successful and under the supervision of a professor

Missing communication and interaction with other students and professionals I joined the Talk12 project organiszed by students. Over the last two years we organzied over 20 events and didn't let Covid stop us from connecting students and professionals. During the numerous talks and discussions we were able to connect hundrets of students and professionals.