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It is windy and

sunny in NYC

With 400,000 New Yorkers at least two months behind on their energy bills, this strategic design project explores solutions from window-mounted turbines to rooftop solar.

Current renewable energy solutions are not designed for apartment living. They require outdoor space, a long-term commitment, and a significant financial investment. As seen in the video, our first exploration went into vertical wind turbines for apartment windows as renters should be able to produce energy in their apartments and become less dependent on price fluctuations in the energy market.

Analysing wind data for New York, talking to experts in the field and building the business model we uncovered that current technology doesn't produce the amount of energy we would need to break even. Next up is a little more on where we ended up.

72% of the solar rooftops are owned by large landlords, marginalising small landlords with better renting conditions but higher financial pressure from local laws, taxes, insurance costs, and pandemic-related income loss. Njord removes renewable energy from small landlords' to-do lists. We bring them together and fund and install a decentralised solar-energy plant on roofs all over New York. Instead of installing roof by roof, we first gather buildings in waves and install multiple solar installations simultaneously.