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After seeing all the OMNY adds over New York this summer I started looking into how the MTA/OMNY collects your data. This inspired a collection of posters in the style of OMNY adverstising.

Just by typing in your credit card number on the OMNY website you could see the last 7 trips that person took. Which inspired this little project.

Independent of that 404 Media alerted the MTA of this feature’s dangers regarding stalking and it got taken down.
Based on this I decided to dig deeper…

By creating a new account you could access the complete travel data of any credit card used for OMNY, as long as it wasn't yet connected to an OMNY account.
On top of that there was no verification needed. Wrong names, phone numbers, card expiration dates or names on the credit card were accepted.
As long as you had the credit card number you could see the complete travel history and easily download it. Time stamped and with the exact station they entered.
Needless to say the MTA shut down the feature.

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